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The author, historian Marco Houston, has been editor and publisher of UK based ‘Royalty Magazine’ since 1993. In this role he has interviewed many of the world’s leading royals. Through ‘Leppi Publications’ he has published several acclaimed royal titles - ‘The Romanovs: Love, Power & Tragedy’ - ‘Diana: An English Role’ and in 2003 he authored a biography of Montenegro’s Petrovic-Njegos dynasty - ‘Nikola & Milena: King & Queen of the Black Mountain.’ In ‘The Hohenzollern Case File’ Marco Houston brings his experience of the Balkans and contemporary royal history together, to recount the events that led to the historic rupture within the Hohenzollern Family’s German and Romanian branches.

The Hohenzollern Case File | ISBN 978-0-9521644-5-6 | Copyright © 2016 Marco Houston © 2016 Leppi Publications