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The starting point for this book was an apparently straightforward one: to recount my experiences during the libel litigation between myself and Prince Radu of Romania. As this led to a common enough outcome, the dispute ending with an apology from the erring editor and publishers, the reader might reasonably ask why a question of libel requires several hundred pages and many documents to be understood . . .

The story is certainly an unusual one that could have come from the pen of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. An international intrigue centered on a Balkan prince coming to a head at the Royal Courts of Justice, with deeds both criminal and comic which led a high court judge to use the phrase “a chimps’ tea party.” And behind the drama a royal house at war with itself, racing toward the final denouement . . . That Hohenzollern history is still very much alive and kicking I have ample experience and, with that thought in mind, I can without hyperbole say this is an account of events that changed dynastic relations irrevocably.

Marco Houston

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